The intricate beading of Guatemalan jewelry, the brilliant colors of Ecuadorian textiles, the casual style and comfort of all-cotton Mexican apparel, the gorgeous weaving of Ugandan baskets, the earth-friendly beauty of recycled rugs from Thailand and reusable shopping bags made in the U.S. All these wonders are waiting for you at Maxwell's on Main.

Maxwell's on Main offers an international shopping experience in a beautiful northern Michigan location. Just two blocks from the gorgeous Lake Michigan beach in Frankfort, Maxwell's on Main features jewelry, apparel, accessories and home décor from Guatemala, Mexico, Ecuador, Thailand, Uganda, India and the U.S. — and as we continue to explore the world, our selection will continue to expand.

During the busy summer season, we are open seven days a week, and greet visitors from all over the U.S. and the world. From Labor Day until December 31, we are open every weekend for fall color tours and holiday shopping. We are closed from January to mid-May, when we travel and shop for more wonderful things to bring back for you.

You can sign up for monthly new product updates and special offers from Maxwell's on Main by contacting us at maxwellsonmain@gmail.com.